Case Manager

Manage multiple cases in court in one place, switch between cases seemlessly, manage user access to each case.

Court Process

Manage every court document filling in one place by uploading them to ExhibitSecure, accessible to every user to review.

Digital Exhibits

Upload and manage online and offline exhibits. Supports PDF, Video, Audio, Images.

Certificate of Compliance

Use ExhibitSecure to guide you in generating Certificate of Compliance Data for exhibit presentation in court.

Expert Domain

ExhibitSecure provides Expert Witness Domain to manage expert verification, expert instruction and expert report.


ExhibitSecure provides a workspace environment On-The-Go, with document sharing function

Accounts Manager

ExhibitSecure supports multiple accounts while ensuring proper case access control management.

Authentication & Security Tools

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption

ExhibitSecure delivers bank-grade SSL Encryption to keep your data and correspondences safe

Secure Hash Algorithm

All uploaded documents in ExhibitSecure are hashed with Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA512), ensuring document integrity.


Sensitive data such as login passwords are encrypted to ensure only a user can login to their account.