Potential Exhibits in the Digital Domain

The exponential increase in the quantity of digital evidence is challenging the counsels’ ability to receive, evaluate, protect, and present digital evidence in judicial proceedings.

ExhibitSecure, puts you in better standing with all required processes that secure the admission of your exhibit in court while ensuring its security


ExhibitSecure supports the following document sources: Desktop/Laptop Computers, Storage devices, Mobile Phones/Tablets, Camera, CCTV, Navigation, Multimedia Smart, etc.

Court Process

ExhibitSecure supports both Contentious and Non-Contentious matters. In Contentious matters, documents can be classified as Marked as exhibit, Filed in Court, Admitted in Court or Rejected by Court.

Accounts Manager

ExhibitSecure supports multiple accounts while ensuring proper case access control management.

Certificate of Compliance

ExhibitSecure provides a template to guide you in generating Certificate of Compliance as required by relevant statutes in course of trial.

Sheets Notes

ExhibitSecure, automates sheet Notes for your attorneys, along with the exhibits and evidence they’ll need to support each argument.


ExhibitSecure provides a workspace environment On-The-Go, with document sharing function


ExhibitSecure implements world standard authentication tools. All uploaded documents in ExhibitSecure are hashed with Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA512), and Document Metadata ensuring document integrity.


ExhibitSecure delivers bank-grade SSL Encryption to keep your data and correspondences safe. Sensitive data such as login passwords are encrypted to ensure only a user can login to their account.